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17 June 2022

Campfire Cooking with @Bushcraft_bavaria

By Vikki

After a long day’s adventuring out the wild, there’s nothing better than a hot meal fresh from the campfire.

In the days of dehydrated food packs and boil-in-the-bag dinners, it’s easier than ever to whip up a meal in a few minutes or less while on the move or away from the stove.

However, there is a growing amount of stalwart “fresh is best” outdoorsfolk amongst the high tech adopters with one goal in mind; bringing the joy (and taste) of a fresh, vibrant, home cooked meal back to the campsite!

We catch up with Andi, AKA @Bushcraft_Bavaria, a keen outdoorsman from Germany who has a passion for making culinary magic while out in the woods:

 What cooking essentials do you always carry in your backpack?

"I always have my bushbox (wood stove) with me and my iron pan. I have been using these two in combination for years and get along with them perfectly. In addition, I always have sunflower oil, a wooden spatula, my personal spice mixture "Andi speciale" and of course a coffee pot with me. I like to change the rest!"

What is your favourite campfire meal to make and why?

"Honestly i don‘t have a favorite one because I love to experiment and rarely cook the same dish several times. But I prefer to cook a variety of noodle pans. Everyone likes noodles and the ingredients are limitless!"
Do you prefer to cook using a traditional wood campfire or a modern gas stove? Why?
"Clearly: the classic fire. I find this quaint and is simply more beautiful for me. Of course, the circumstances must allow a fire to be made. If this is not the case, I take snacks or a typical bavarian "Brotzeit“ with me, but I do not cook with gas."

Do you prefer to cook for yourself when you’re out adventuring, or do you love to cook for friends?

"I like to cook for friends outside. This gives me pleasure and of course it is nice to hear when the food tastes good. I like to be the chef of the group and the others take the beer with them and everyone is happy!"

Which is the dish you call your Signature campfire dish?

"The dish for which I was most "praised“ was my paprika gnocchi chicken pan. It is super delicious and is enough for the whole weekend. I prepared it a few times and always changed some Ingredients. It is not very extraordinary but really delicious."

Quickfire question: sweet camp food or savoury camp food?

"I‘m more into savoury camp food."

Do you have any cooking tips or advice for fellow campers who would like to expand their outdoor menu?

"The best campfire menus are created by experimenting. Forget all the recipes, pack ingredients that you like and try things. Prepared on the fire, the individual dishes taste different anyway than at home on the stove. Spices such as chilli, paprika powder and curry should always be with you. They almost always fit and fit perfectly with the smoky aroma of the fire. Use sunflower oil or rapeseed oil, these are great for the heat from the fire. Otherwise, just have fun cooking in nature! Forest air is the best spice you can find."

And with those tasty tips we hope that Andi continues to cook up a storm in the future on all of his trips!

If you'd like to see more of his adventures, you can follow along on his Instagram and YouTube pages.


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