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21 September 2017

Scout and About with DD Hammocks!

By Ewan

DD Hammocks are deeply proud to supply and support so many Scout groups in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Earlier this year, we shared some photos of these intrepid youngsters enjoying their DD gear. We have had a long summer since then and several Scout units have taken their tarps and hammocks on camp with them to some exciting parts of the UK and beyond. Here is another small photographic insight into life inside a camp – safe to say we are starting to get a little jealous!

17th Perthshire Scouts

The leaders of the 17th Perthshire Scouts recently took their unit on camp at Grandtully in Perthshire. The camp involved practising different ways of cooking using different kinds of stoves, as well as (carefully supervised!) knife, axe and saw sessions, and fire-lighting. Sounds like a fantastic mix of activities – luckily there were plenty of DD hammocks and tarps to go around!


Photo credit: 17th Perthshire Scouts

1st Poynton Scouts

The 1st Poynton Scouts have been very busy, attending Scout camps around Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire. They have certainly perfected the art of mass hammocking in a small space, as well as learning some valuable bushcraft skills!


A tiny town in the trees! Photo credit: David Bradshaw - 1st Poynton Scouts leader


Vauluable skills for future bushcrafters! Photo Credit: David Bradshaw - 1st Poynton Scouts leader

1st Great Ayton Scouts

Mark Stowell, the leader of the 1st Great Ayton Scouts sent us photos from the groups Hawkhirst summer camp, within the confines of the beautiful Kielder Forest Park in Northumberland. It looks like the tarps did their job well before the rain cleared, and the group were rewarded with stunning views over the Kielder Water.


Much better than watching the TV! Photo credit: Mark Stowell - 1st Great Ayton Scouts leader

4th Lewes Scouts

When Karl Brydon led the 4th Lewes Scouts to their camp in East Sussex, with DD hammocks in tow, they were perhaps a little dismayed to find a lack of trees that were sturdy enough to set up camp. No problem for these inventive adventurers however, as their trailer provided a perfect solution - scouting ingenuity at its finest!


No good trees? No bad solution! Photo credit: Karl Brydon - 4th Lewes Scouts leader

2nd/4th Barry Cubs

At a recent camp in Botany Bay, Wales the 2nd and 4th Barry Cub Scouts kept the childhood dream alive with a den-making workshop! Instead of their parent's best furniture however, they used DD tarps as a framework before constructing a woodland shelter from branches over the top. A perfect mix of technical and natural materials.


Some delighted den-makers! Photo credit: Mark Avaient a.k.a kaa - Barry Cubs leader

Broadmayne Scouts

This one shows some real talent - with 7 squeezed into a four man tent, on day 2 of an international Jamboree camp, scout Oliver (10) of the Broadmayne Scouts worked with Scouts from Denmark to build two tripods and a ridge pole for his DD Scout Hammock and tarp. Now all the Scouts want one! - words from Ian Brown, leader of the Broadmayne Scouts.


Thank you to all the leaders who sent in these photos, and to all of the Scout groups we have worked with over the years.

Would you like your unit to be featured? We would love to see your photographs! Please send them in via our website, Facebook or Instagram!














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