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26 July 2021

Wildlife Photography & Hammock Camping

By Henk Reinicke

We will be the first ones to tell you that we do not need a reason to grab our hammocks and head into the woods for a night (or several) out. However whilst hammock camping is a great experience in itself, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities when combined with your favourite hobby.

Henk Reinicke, a young and enthusiastic wildlife photographer from Germany, got in touch with us to share an account of his first night out in his DD Frontline Hammock - MC; an ideal stealthy choice for him to blend in with nature and get the perfect shot of the local wildlife from a new perspective. No need to head out super early or late when you can stay comfortably in the forest all night!

Being out in the wild, seeing wildlife and saving those moments with a photograph - this is what I really like the most. my name is Henk Reinicke and I am an 18 year old wildlife photographer.


Something that is even more amazing than going to the location, taking photos and coming home later is to stay at the location over night. The most amazing thing about that is all the sounds that you hear, like owl calls, wild boar, roe deer roaming around, and much more. But also the silence when you camp in the forest is an amazing experience. it is just very different and makes for a great variety to your every day life.

The first night that I spent in the forest was incredible. Usually I would go home before the sun sets because then it becomes more difficult to photograph, but on this day I knew that I was going to spend the night in the same spot, which was honestly a very good feeling.

So I set up my hammock, but not the tarp because I knew it was not going to rain and I really wanted to have the view into the sky and the trees. Setting it up for the first time was not very difficult - it only took 5 minutes or so. After every thing was set up I made myself something to eat and then I laid down in the hammock and watched the amazing night sky and the forest landscape.


Doing it completely alone for the first time can be a little bit scary but I quickly got comfortable with the feeling. It took a little bit of time to get to sleep, but only because I couldn’t stop looking outside! Due to the bright moonlight so you could really see everything, it was amazing.

After a while I fell asleep while hearing some owl calls and the nightingales that were all over the place. Especially knowing that there are some owls at this spot is great, because now I can search for them there during the day.

I woke up at sunrise, but I did not wake up because of the sun, rather the birds getting louder and louder. At this time of day, the lighting was perfect for taking pictures and also it was very close to the spot where roe deer sleep, so this is where I wanted to go next. What I did not see coming were the black and middle-spotted woodpeckers flying around in the area too. I am a big fan of woodpeckers as my Community on Instagram knows, so I took some amazing photos that look great in my portfolio.


I hope I could give you a nice impression of how great it can be to camp in a forest with a hammock - even when it gets colder it is still possible with an Underblanket. When it rains it also is amazing because with a tarp you stay dry and hear the amazing sound of raindrops falling onto the tarp and on the ground of the forest.

I wish you all an amazing journey in nature!

You can take a look at some more of Henk's work on his Instagram page here - @henks.pics

Henk used the DD Frontline Hammock - MC for this trip. If you are looking to stay hidden (or even fancy getting into wildlife spotting yourself!) then look no further than the DD Multicam Range. Featuring many models of comfortable hammocks and weatherproof tarps, all covered in our effective DD Multicam camouflage print.

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About the writer

Henk Reinicke

Henk Reinicke lives in Germany, and is a young and enthusiastic wildlife photographer who's passion is capturing stunning images of the local wildlife.

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